Fabio Desiato’s passion for directing was born in the time of university, when he feeds on Kubrick and Sorrentino and gets his hands dirty with the first short films.

It is here that the power to tell stories through dynamic images is revealed in all its grandeur

The first earnings are invested in equipment, his imagination grows, his experience is consolidated.

He turns, experiments, finds his style, follows a shooting philosophy that excites him.

Fabio and his staff call themselves Feelmakers, passionate builders of moving images, capable with unique sensitivity and creativity to tell you in a film that will make you unforgettable.

A feelmaker establishes a feeling with the protagonists of the video that will go on filming to always ensure a high quality final product.

With a keen eye on the image, Fade feelmakers will be able to tell you in many ways, however making your story indelible.

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